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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clint Eastwood Talks Gran Torino, Dirty Harry, and Whats Next

He didnt step from a limo onto a red carpet to wave passively at the peons pressing madly against the metal barriers for a glimpse of the actor, but instead appeared, as if Moses parting the Red Sea, at the center of a path being made for him by these very peons. He literally walked through the crowd, smiling and shaking hands thrust at him, then, when he reached the barrier, climbed over it. At 78 years old, it wasnt hard to imagine this giant of man who just starred in Gran Torino as a pissed-off gent who was still capable of delivering unto me a fearsome beating.

Gran Torino leads the way

In whats widely rumoured to be his last outing in front of the camera, his angry Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino scared up enough cash at the box office to comfortably beat the warring brides-to-be in Bride Wars. But it was a close run race with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway only narrowly giving up their perch at the top - in the end, $19,000 separated the pair of them.