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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kim Kardashian Addicted To Junk Food

Kim Kardashian

It s thus hard to eat well, because I love many not healthy alimony. Kardashian is trying to eat more best in ? 2008 that is a resolution that it has made after the food of biscotti of Oreo fried in the hot fat person on new Year s Eve, says the ? of the bucket of people but its habit towards snacking on the industrial alimony has been difficult to break off itself. " I have calculated that as soon as to eat well would have helped it to lose five pounds or thus. It s terrible! " Kardashian, 27, admit that it takes the decisions wrong of the meal, especially when they eat outside.. Hardly can arrest of t that it eats roba of refusal. Star of truth TV says that adores the industrial alimony and snacked on even biscotti fried in the hot fat person of , forcing resorting to ? the personal daily paper of formation course so as to has begun to record its training on video, with the programs finally in order to free a series of training tapes.

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