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Monday, March 03, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Is Marilyn Monroe Reincarnate

Lindsay Lohan

The "I a near connection with Marilyn Monroe has tact all my life and the reason for this recently has been revealed to me" said today. Lossessione di s is beginning to worry its friends and the family, a member has revealed. The means commentators have noticed its obsession with all the Monroe things, from its shooting recent knot of the photo that copy one of Marilyns to its purchase of the previous center of ms the Monroes Hollywood. But the events have taken today a torsion for the bizzarro with lannuncio of Lohans that is Marilyn Monroe reincarnates. The "Marilyn it has come to have place in a past night of dream from dirmi that they the its life had to continue for, making all the things that it has meant to make before that its life short." therefore was brutally cut;.

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