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Monday, March 03, 2008

Angelina Jolie Asks The Us An Effort To Help Iraq War Refugees

Angelina Jolie

has written a impressionabile letter in the United States, asking to rise their efforts to help the not guilty victims in Irak, than hour they are absent from their centers. In fact, we would have to rise our financial and material one assistance.". Ricapitolando, this it is that what has written: the "More that 2 million innocent is without centers, the medicines, food and cleans up lacqua. The star delectable 32-years-old, is a for (), so as to it demands lAmerica has an ethical duty in order to help shelters you of war of Irak. That what we cannot be allowed must sperperare the progresses that have been to realize. Its letter has been published on the newspaper dellalberino de Washington, name reason of A remaining in Irak;.

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